Hula Dance at The Open Garden (Kawanishi-Cho) (Japan Reflections)

https://youtu.be/2o98notnDl0 Tadamithu Suda from Keisen Christ Church owned a vegetable farm. He talked with me via a translator on a Sunday, and found out my interest was in nutrition. He invited me over to his farm on a Saturday to get a taste of some fresh vegetables from his farm. At the farm, we shared… Continue reading Hula Dance at The Open Garden (Kawanishi-Cho) (Japan Reflections)

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Love in little ways (Japan Reflections)

There was this kind older man that I met at Keisen Christ Church.  He could not speak English, and I could not speak Japanese. He would try to talk to me many Sundays, but in the end, we would sit contentedly next to each other without saying a word. He gave me a Christian book… Continue reading Love in little ways (Japan Reflections)


Hula at Miyagi Prefecture Cafe

We traveled to one of the areas in Miyagi, Yamamoto-cho, to help with a cafe.  This place was hit by the tsunami in 2011, and Keisen Christ Church has been traveling there to do ministry and disaster relief since then. https://youtu.be/5GfewBl4x5k   Copyright note:  These songs and dances are for entertainment purposes only.  I am not… Continue reading Hula at Miyagi Prefecture Cafe

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Japanese Worship Song – Shu Ga Sobani Iru Kara

This refrain would ring sweetly through the church as everyone lifted up their voices in worship every Sunday.  Even I, not understanding much Japanese, came to love and sing this song even on my own in my bedroom. https://youtu.be/TLJ77KQjdmo Shu wa mite wo nobashite Namida wo nugui tsumazuki kara hikiagete kudasaru  inochi no ji e… Continue reading Japanese Worship Song – Shu Ga Sobani Iru Kara