Walking together (Japan Reflections)

I remember chatting with her as we walked down the hill from the church on a Sunday afternoon.  We were talking about our dreams for family and marriage in the future.  I remember her telling me about a testimony she watched of a person in Africa.  She shared a heartbreaking story that ended in redemption in God. She explained in broken English how she could tell that the crowd was moved, and the praises that were lifted up after they heard this testimony.  She expressed her excitement at how one person’s life could move so many others so powerfully.

The situation of walking in the mountains in Japan talking with a Christian woman from another country, was so surreal to me.  I remember after hearing her I was lost for words.

Those were some of my cherished memories with her.  After our last walk together, she expressed how I was the only person she had ever walked down that hill with. It was our special time together.  I still get emotional thinking about our times together.

I remember asking her how she came to know Christ one day in the car.  She told me her mom was a the first to become a Christian, and she became a Christian because of her mom. Her mom’s mission field was to share Christ with all of her family. They had all become Christians except her grandparents.  Her inspiration came from her mother, and she is now serving God in Japan.

She was sent by the missions organization to Japan.  Japan and her country are not on the best of terms, and many people in her country are still hurt by things Japan has done to them in the past.  From that, I gathered how much courage and faith it must have taken to travel to Japan for 3 years.
I will miss our talks together, and I hope to see her again one day.

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