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Love in little ways (Japan Reflections)

There was this kind older man that I met at Keisen Christ Church.  He could not speak English, and I could not speak Japanese.
He would try to talk to me many Sundays, but in the end, we would sit contentedly next to each other without saying a word.
He gave me a Christian book written by a well-known Korean Christian.  It was one of his favorite books.  Sadly, I cannot read it, but I was touched by his gift.
He also gave me pictures of white and purple flowers he had taken on a mountain in Japan.  He specifically wanted me to know that the purple flowers were rare.
At my farewell party, he gave me pictures of snow formations he had taken.
He was so sweet, and I wish I could have spoken to him more.  He showed me he cared without being able to speak my language.  On my last Sunday, I gave him a wooden surfboard bookmark to remember me by.

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