Farewell Party Hulas

  1. E Kauoha Mai I Kou Lokou, E Ka Haku (Send Down Your Word, O Lord) 0:0
  2. Jesus Loves the Little Children – 1:56
  3. Lord I Lift Your Name – 3:21
  4. Introductions to the girls – 6:29
  5. Shu ga sobani – 10:18




3 thoughts on “Farewell Party Hulas

  1. So blessed, Erin, to see what God has done for you and through you on your mission trip in Japan! Loved seeing those beautiful keiki praise Jesus through hula!
    Love you, Auntie Lisa

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  2. Dear Erin,
    What a blessing to have followed your wonderful excursion for the Lord. I too was blessed to see the keiki hula.
    Thank you for sharing. ~Auntie Peggy
    P.S….. I must admit, I got very emotional watching you lead in the Hawaiian Praise Song.😇

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