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Japan Blog 2

Japan (Day 3 Sunday) 

I got up and ate breakfast around 4am.  I tried to film a video of my house (failed because of bad audio).

I was picked up from the chapel parking lot at 8:30 am and driven to the church.  I got to the church and went to children’s worship time.  There were a lot of adults there.  We prayed.  Played some games and sang songs.  There was also a Bible story.

After, I met some of the women who danced hula.  They said they learned from watching Youtube videos.  They run a hula cafe.  I then rehearsed the song.

Nobue took me on a tour of the church.

They started service with worship and prayer.

I danced hula and then introduced myself with Nobue translating.


Link to my dance

After, we had a sermon by Pastor Konno.

After church, we had a lunch of cup noodles, and I talked with Nobue and Noriko sensei about my schedule for VICS.

Nobue took me home.  I slept, ate dinner, refilmed my house video, sent our my first two blog posts, and then went to bed.

Japan (Day 4 Monday)

It was my first day at VICS.

Noriko Sensei came with her boys, Megumi and Tasuku.  They began to clean and take care of the place.  The rest of the students came right after.  There are seven: Kento, Kazumichi, Teru, Mone, Kanon, Megumi, and Tasuku.  Their ages range from Elementary to highschool.


At 8:20 am, the children and teachers headed down to the pink building and did morning exercises, and sang “Mighty to Save” in Japanese, verse reading Japanese/English, and recited a pledge.  They also have a time of prayer right before the song.  Nobue Sensei has a bell she rings and there is a time of silent prayer for 2 minutes.

After, the children have devotions.  I went with Nobue Sensei and Megumi to the house.  Nobue has devotions with Megumi and then I went over the verse in English with him.  Kanon is also supposed to be there, but she is at the hospital for some reason.

We then played a game so I could get to know the children and them me.

After, the children have classes until 12:20pm.

The classes are where they study at their desks.  Each 50 minute period is a different subject.  They have workbooks to do, and they have to recite parts in English and Japanese.

The students have British and American flags to raise on stands when they need assistance.  The teachers will ask “(Child’s name) may I help you?”  The children then ask to read something, for help with Kanji, or “May I score please?”  The children are not allowed to talk without raising a flag.  Everything is very neat and orderly.

At 12:20pm, it was lunch time.  We went to the pink building for lunch.  I have a lunch they ordered for me.

At 1 pm, the children have a break until 1:30 to play.  We played tag outside.

At 1:30pm, I practiced conversational English with Monet and Teru.  They taught me the difference between zenzen and sukoshi.

Classes ended at 3pm (earlier than usual), and the children went home.


After school, I went to Yamazawa Supermarket and bought granola, salmon, seaweed/edamame, almond milk, shoyu, and pepper.  I wandered around the store for an hour.

Later that evening, I went to a 100 yen store with Nobue and bought some cooking utensils.

I then took a bath, ate dinner of salmon sashimi and seaweed mix, went to bed.

Japan (Day 5 Tuesday)

I got up and did “Google hangouts” with parents at 6:46am.  I am thinking of making mandarine orange jello for the potluck at English cafe in a couple weeks, and asked them to mail me the ingredients.

Samui! The coldest it’s gotten so far.

Teru got sick, so we did not have English conversation class in the afternoon.

I played tag again with the students.  They like to tag me a lot.

School ended at 4pm.

After, I went to Yamazawa again.  I bought chicken breast, salt seasoning, cooking oil, saran wrap, and mandarine oranges.

Nobue took me to a different grocery store to explore.  I think I like that store better.  I bought some bread, peanut spread, yogurt, and onions.  We walked past many interesting stores.

I made my first dinner of chicken with the salt seasoning mix.  I could not figure out how to use the fan over the stove at first, but figured it out later on.

I went to bed around 9pm

Japan (Day 6 Wednesday)

I ate bread, peanut butter spread, egg, and a banana for breakfast.

I talked with mom on phone about mailing, pineapple, gelatin, and jello.

Nobue with two of the younger children.

Teru was not feeling well again, so English conversation time was cancelled in the afternoon.

Kanon was there for devotions and verse recitation.

It is getting warmer, so I may not have to keep wearing my only sweater.

The kids left around 4:30pm, but continued to play around the house for an hour or so.

I ate chicken, miso soup, yogurt, rice, and orange juice for dinner.

I then went to a prayer meeting at the chapel from 7:30pm – 9pm.  There was singing, and Pastor Konno gave a message.  A woman named Naomi translated for me.  I only understood 10% of what was said.  We then had prayer time for 30 minutes. The meeting closed with a song, and we set up the room for a “women’s teatime” the next day.  I saw Grace, Zoe, and Hannah again at the Prayer Meeting.

Pastor Konno said Chida Pastor had strawberries for us to eat.  I got two bags of strawberries before I left the meeting.

I exchanged Line IDs with Pastor Konno, which he gave to Grace so I could talk to her.

I will be going to English Corner tomorrow at 2:30pm with Grace, Zoe, and Hannah.

I got home, took a bath, and went to bed around 10:30pm.

Japan (Day 7 Thursday)

I woke up and ate granola and milk and strawberries for breakfast. It was raining.

School started at 7:45am.

Nobue asked me to teach her Aunt basic hula steps so she can dance with the women.

After lunch, the children left at 1:15pm for PE.

I left at 2:30pm to go to “English Corner” with Grace, Zoe, and Hannah.

It was raining, so they lent me an umbrella. We walked to the college cafeteria.

I met three new girls. I only remember Salla, but the others names started with a M.

We played some word games in English and then they read some passages in English. The English Corner was from 3pm-6pm. Grace asked me to find a game to do next week. She also asked me to teach hula at the picnic in a couple weeks.

I had natto, corn and mushrooms, rice, egg, and strawberries for dinner and went to bed around 8:30pm.

To be continued…

Note: Many thanks to Noriko Abiko for the pictures of me dancing, ice breaker game photos, and group photo!

Class Photo
Class Photo. Me with the children and teachers at the school.

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