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Japan Part 1

Japan Day 1 (June 1 – June 2)

 I flew from Honolulu to Nagoya.  The plane was fairly empty, so I got to move to my own row.
Hello Japan. First view of Japan.
At Nagoya, I went through customs and immigration.
I got lost at Nagoya airport and asked for help from some guards.
I also  met a really nice airport volunteer who walked me to my check-in counter (up an elevator and across the floor).
I checked in no problem using minimal Japanese.
There was wifi at the gate, so I texted my parents on whatsapp to let them know I made it.
I made it to Nagoya! The first picture I sent back to my parents to let them know I made it.
I got a message from Pastor Konno at Nagoya and texted him to let him know I made it as well.
I boarded All Nippon Airways at 7:50pm.  The airsick bag came in handy (The flight was a little bumpy.).  I dosed on and off.
I got off of plane and ducked into bathroom to clean up.  Then, I picked up my bag and met Pastor Konno, Grace, and Teru.
Grace does a college ministry.
Teru is in 10th grade and going to the Christian School.
We had a nice chat in the car.  The car ride was over 2 hours.  We stopped by at a 7-eleven and picked up some drinks.
We walked from 7-eleven to where I would be staying right across the street.
Pastor Konno introduced me to the house.
Once they left, I took a bathe and texted my parents to let them know I made it.
Hom Sweet Home.  Where I am staying for the next two months.

Japan Day 2 (Saturday June 3)

Got up at 4am and ate some pancakes.
I then got dressed and had a quiet time.
At 9am, Grace came to get me and take me to “English Cafe.”
I rode a bike for the second time in Japan.  I was worried for the first 2 minutes I would run over a pedestrian or get run over by a car.
At the English Cafe, I met Hannah and Zoe.  They and Grace are Chinese, Christian missionaries.
I also met Henrietta (Henry for short).  She is from the UK and works in Japan teaching English.
There were 4 students from nearby universities that came (I only remember Ryoo and Mikki.)
We played “Who am I?” and a tongue twister game (all in English).  After, we sat around and talked and got to know each other.
After the English Cafe, Henry and I were invited to lunch at Grace, Hannah, and Zoe’s house.  Zoe, Henry, and I played 3 intense rounds of Jenga (I lost twice) before we were served lunch “family style.”  It was wonderful getting to know the women and share a meal together.
At 2pm, I headed back to my house and met Pastor Konno, his sister, and wife along with some other teachers and staff from the school.
I then was taken by Pastor Konno and his sister to the church.  They wanted to show me the stage, because I will be performing a hula tomorrow for the church.
They are all so nice and welcoming asking me questions about my room and if I am comfortable.
After I returned, Henry drove Grace, Zoe, Hannah, and I to the grocery store and 100 yen store to get groceries and other items.
They were going to take me to Uniqlo (clothing store) if I wanted to go, but I was tired (it was 4pm Japan time, 9pm Hawaii time.).  We headed back to where I am staying.
I then did google hangouts with my parents and brother for a short time, ate dinner, and went to bed at around 8pm.
Jaa nee!

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