Beyond Imagination

I Can Only Imagine This is one of my favorite songs. It has taken on new life for me as this school year comes to a close.


I have been so confused and lost about the future this whole year.  I could not see past the end the day.  My future was blurry and uncertain.  It made me anxious.


I was growing in my knowledge of the Lord.  My life was coming into balance.  I was serving more and having more quality time with friends and family.   However, I was still anxious and afraid.  I did not have the motivation to go on into the future.  I mentioned a lot of these struggles in my past “Heart Story Series.”


There I was again with no plans for the summer.  I did not realize I had nothing to do until three weeks before the end of the semester.  I did not know what to do but to repeat what I had done the year before.  I prayed that God would open doors and that I would have the courage and faith to walk through those doors.


I have been interested in Japan since I was a little girl.  I went on a mission trip to Osaka when I was 5, and I loved it!  I returned to Japan in 2014 for a family vacatio.  Since then, I have desired to go back to Japan to live, work, or do Christian ministry.

Although it was late in the semester and close to summer, my dad and I sent off some emails to close Christian friends with connections in Japan.  We asked if they knew of any Christian ministries that would be willing to take me on for the summer. I wrote in my journal the day I sent off the email:
I pray that You would continue to work on my heart.  Change it to see the world through You eyes.  I pray that as I take steps of faith to seek out opportunities this summer, I would be in tune with Your will.  
God heard my prayer!  I got an email back from one of our close Japanese friends.  She knew of some people to contact, and was willing to reach out to them for me.  My dad also got word back from another woman who knew of another ministry in Japan.  Two weeks later, I had about three places that were willing to have me come and work with them.
I have prayed the whole way that God would show me His heart.  I prayed that He would give me the faith and peace to accept wherever He calls me to go.  Just the act of seeking, praying, and having faith that God is in control of where I go this summer has been hard.  I am growing from this experience.
Researching and communicating with the ministries in Japan has given me such a different perspective on how much God cares for the lost and hurting.  In stepping out of my own bubble with my tiny, minute, childlike faith, I have caught a glimpse of God’s heart for the world.  I do not want to lose sight of His heart.  I want to run to be right where He is.
I now know what where I want to be in the future.
I want to be where God wants me to be!
I want my heart to grow closer to God.  I want to be doing His work.
I am so blessed and joyful that God allows me to take part in His work on earth.  He has so much more in store for me than I could ever imagine!

 I bought this book for my dad for “Father’s Day.”  It had us rolling on the floor in laughter!  It’s about the funny adventures an American family has while living in Japan.  If you like Japan or are thinking of visiting/living there, you must read this!

Getting Genki In Japan: The Adventures and Misadventures of an American Family in Tokyo


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