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Papers had flown everywhere. Books and folders lay in stacks around me. I sighed in frustration as I finished off another set of notes. Finals were one day away.

The semester had flown by with exams and assignments due every week. I knew from the beginning that I had given myself a heavy course load, but I did not have an inkling as to how hard it would be. I hated cramming, but I found myself doing it more and more as the semester went on. Every day was a struggled to build up the strength and the fortitude to keep moving forward.

I had rarely seen my family because I was always studying. I was miserable and exhausted by the time Thanksgiving break rolled around.

Now I sat, one day away from my dreaded organic chemistry final, thinking back over how all this started.

My pastor gave a thought-provoking sermon on Mary (the mother of Jesus). (Check out the book of Luke in the Bible) One of the major themes that stuck out to me was the fact that Mary giving birth to Jesus fulfilled God’s promise to her forefathers as far back as Adam and Eve. In her song, The Magnificat, Mary sings God’s faithfulness to His people throughout the generations. This faith is demonstrated when she solemnly and humbly accepts the responsibility of bearing the Son of God without question. That was not an easily responsability to bear. It meant losing her family’s trust, possibly losing her fiancé, and ruining her reputation for life. However, she was willing to take that risk.  What a leap of faith that was!

This sermon challenged me reignite my faith in God again. It convicted me to go back and observe how God has been faithful to me. From the first day I set foot on this campus, I felt God’s peace and reassurance. I knew I was where God wanted me to be. I did not know what challenges lay before me, but I knew that I had His promise that He would be there with me. I cannot count how many times I doubted that God was really in control, but when I look back, I can say with assurance that He was.
Why do I doubt His power and love for me when things seem impossible? He was, is, and always will be faithful. I want to be like Mary. I want to have her faith. I want to be willing to do His will without fearing the outcome.

As a sat there marveling at God’s goodness, I felt the tension and fear leave me. I could almost hear God saying. “You’ve done well, but now move aside and let me do the rest. I made a promise to never leave you, and I won’t break it. I promise”

“And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And  the angel departed from her.” Luke 1:38


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