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He Is

My Meager Attempt at a Psalm:

The weight of the world is upon me;

The Enemy comes upon me to destroy me.

I am weary of fighting, weary of running;

My battle is not with flesh and blood but with spirit.

How can I stand?

Oh Lord, how much longer? 

I wait weary and tired and longing for Your deliverance;

Weighed down by the cares of this world, the lies, the deceit.

He is the one who made the earth;

He put the stars into place and numbered the sand on the shores;

He is the one who led His chosen people into the land of milk and honey;

He makes waters part and oceans rise up.

I will praise the Lord for His great works,

I will worship Him;  I will sing to Him;

There is nothing in His power He cannot do.


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