10 Things You May Not Know About People in Hawaii

  1.  We spend little time in Waikiki.  Unless they work in that area, most people only go out there on special occasions.  My cousin and I explored the heart of Waikiki this summer.  It was fun, but we both agreed that it was probably not something we’d do again in the near future.  
  2. We call flip flops “slippers.”  Every time someone says flip flops, I cringe a little inside.
  3. Not all of us like the beach.  I could not count the number of summers I spent almost everyday at the beach when I was younger.  However, it gets old and not as fun after a while.  I don’t mind the beach. I just don’t love it.  I can’t stand the feel of sunscreen on me, and I find it uncomfortable when sand gets into my swimsuit.   
  4. We take off our shoes when we go in the house.  This originated from the large asian culture in Hawaii.
  5. Few of us can actually speak Hawaiian fluently.  We might know a few phrases here and there, but there are more of us fluent in Japanese, Philipino, Chinese, or or English.  If you grew up in Hawaii, you might speak fluent pidgin, which is similar to the Southern or New York accent.
  6. Our McDonald’s sells things like saimin, spam and eggs, or portugese sausage and eggs.
  7. We don’t use our car horns.  I often wonder why the cars in Hawaii have horns, because we never use them!  It is considered rude or aggressive to use your horn.  The most you might get is a short “beep” from an impatient driver once in a blue moon.
  8. We are horrible at giving directions.  We don’t rely on freeway numbers or street names very often.  We often use landmarks to give directions.  If you tell a person to head makai side, it means to head towards the sea.  If you tell them to turn Mauka side, it means to head towards the mountains.  Sometimes you’ll hear a directions like, “Just go, go, go until you see a McDonald’s.  Then turn left and keep going till you see that 7-11.”
  9. We love rice!  We eat rice with everything.
  10. We often take it for granted how blessed we are to live in the beautiful state of Hawaii.     

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