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What Do You Do When This Happens To Your Post?

It starts off with good intentions and then ends ugly. I could feel the spiritual battle at that moment.  I’m still reeling from it.

A couple days ago, I posted a picture with a Bible verse printed across the top on my Instagram account page.  A little while later I got a notification that someone had posted a comment on my picture.  Whoever posted it must have been very bitter and angry towards God.  I was shocked.  I messaged them back asking why they posted that.  They again answered back with a blunt, bitter remark.  I didn’t know what to do, so I just told them I was sorry that they were so bitter towards God and then let them know I was praying for them.

I later found out from reading this person’s posts that they are a satanist.  I had absolutely no idea what that satanism was, so I did some research.  What I found out is that satanists do not worship satan.  They claim to be atheists.  They have a church called the church of satan and even have a Satanic Bible written by their founder,  Anton La Vey.  They believe that morals and values are up to human interpretation because there is no God.  They seem to, in some ways, worship themselves, so they call themselves I-theists.  They also strongly oppose rape and sexual abuse.  If you want to become more informed on the topic, you can learn more here.

When I read these things, felt nothing but compassion for these people.  I am so sad to see them so lost and confused.  However, I also found a lot of conflicting statements made both by the Church of Satan and by the person on Instagram.  I’m still confused by the religion.  It doesn’t quite make sense to me, but now I am at least better informed about it incase I meet a satanist on the street.


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