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Giving God Glory (Part 2)

“When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is inevitable.”

-Elizabeth Foss

The first day we entered the the homeschooling co-op at our church, we never looked back.  It was wonderful for both my mom and I to have children and moms who were going through the same things we were going through.  We felt right at home.

A homeschooling co-op is where the moms come together to cooperate with each other in teaching the students different school subjects that are easier to teach in a group.  Our co-op had subjects that ranged from P.E. and art to history and science.

From that day forward, I have few memories of my homeschooling experience that doesn’t involve the co-op or one of the many close friends I made at the co-op.  One of the things I cherish about the co-op is that there are no boundaries between age groups.  The young children and older children play together and take care of each other.  All the moms are my aunties, and their husbands are my uncles.

A few years after we had joined, the co-op had grown and flourished.  We began to realize that we really didn’t have a name for ourselves.  We held a “Find a Co-op Name” contest, and the name that was chosen was G^3 (G to the power of three or G-cubed).  It stands for Giving God Glory, which is what the co-op strives to do every step of the way.  Even though I have now graduated, I still like to visit the co-op and hope to one day, when I have a family, join one just like it.  G^3 will forever be close to my heart.


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