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Sharing God in the Classroom

God challenges us to do things in the unlikeliest of ways.  I love watching Christian movies.  Some of my favorites are Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous.  The messages are thought-provoking and touching, but I never thought a movie such as God’s Not Dead would become a reality for me. After watching God’s Not Dead, I could not get the idea of persecution of Christians in college out of my mind.  However, college papers, exams, and deadlines pushed any thoughts about the the topic out of my head.  Unexpectedly, my dad brought it back up again when he challenged me to do something I never thought I could do… I had to give an informative speech to my public speaking class.  I’m usually a very creative person, but I could not think of a single topic.  That is when my dad came up with the brilliant idea that I should use my speech to inform my class about the persecutions Christians face in college (He has also watched God’s Not Dead with me).  As soon as he said that, every logical part of my brain rebelled at the idea.  I quickly shot down the idea by saying that I didn’t have the time to research the topic.  If I was honest, however, I didn’t really care about the work it would take.  I was just downright scared.  My thought process was, “I’m a Christian college student on a college campus talking about the persecution of Christians on college campuses!  Nothing good can come out of this.” The more I rebelled at the idea, the more convinced I became that this was what God wanted me to talk about (isn’t it wonderful how God works like that?).  I finally gave in a day or two later, sat down, and began composing the speech I knew God wanted me to give.  Surprisingly (for me, not God), the speech came together nicely, and in one afternoon I had written my final draft.  “Okay LORD,” I prayed silently, “This is Your speech.  I can’t do this by myself.  I’m trusting completely in Your strength.” God was faithful throughout the whole process.  The actual giving of the speech felt a bit like an out-of-body experience.  I knew God was there providing His strength and guidance.  I also did not receive any persecution from my classmates.  If anything, I feel like I gained respect and trust from them for my willingness to put myself out there.  I am so glad I chose to go to college.  I am growing and learning so much even when I don’t want to or don’t realize it.  To God be the Glory forever.  He is sovereign and mighty though all. If you want to learn more about Christians on college campuses, here are some of the sources in used for my presentation to get you started: PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS IN COLLEGES Persecution of Gordon College Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Michigan


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