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Graduation Parties

Graduation season in Hawaii is very busy.  People are often invited to multiple grad parties on the same day.  The visiting guests would hop from one party to another staying just long enough to congratulate the graduate, thank the family, and eat a few pupus (Hawaiian for snacks or side dishes).  Then they would be back on the road to the next party to repeat the same procedure all over again.  This would often be done multiple times on the same day.

For me, however, the graduation season is quite different.  Coming from a group of homeschooling families, the graduating class is comprised of 5-6 students each year.  With ample weekends during the summer, it is very easy to spread the graduations out so that no two land on the same day.  Take yesterday for example.  We arrived at a graduation party at 10:40 am and did not leave it until 7:30 pm.  Yes, many of the guests actually stayed the whole time.  What did we do the whole time? Talk, eat, eat some more, and talk some more.

On another occasion, many close friends and family came at 12 pm to begin decorating and cooking food for a grad party that started at 5:00 pm and went till 11:00 pm.  There was lots of dancing and laughing that night  I love having such a close Christian, homeschooling Ohana.


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